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Business-Coaching is the process structured by experts in order to help to increase the performance of managers. Business-Coaching generally aims to support in solving the problems which occur during the periods as internal restructuring, mergers and other difficult issues. In such cases, business coaching provides personal support to managers in applying the changes inside the company.


Additionally , Business-Coaching helps managers to balance work and private life of managers (Work-Life-Balance). Therefore Business-Coaching is usually done by psychologists. In this process, the business coach provides the support to the manager to solve the situation by using the managers’ personal abilities.

Managers’ personal attitude is extremely important in solving the problems, which especially plays a decisive role in the future of the companies. In fact, high motivation and the ability to make the right decisions at the right time are requested in this process. Therefore, Business-Coaching helps to find effective solutions.

Business-Coaching as Sparring-Partners

The Business-Coach has to be seen as a partner that supports the manager (sparring-partner). The task is to examine the problems to be resolved from another perspective. Many managers need an objective consultant in such matters.

During this process, managers face the real sources of the problems, and align the attitudes for solving the problems. Additionally, business coaching helps them to experience self reflection.

Business Coaching and Consulting

Business coaching is not a kind of consultation. While the focus in consulting is the analysis of the workplace, business coaching requires a more holistic perspective. In such a case, the personality of the client is analyzed and he is supported through suitable methods to solve existing problems on his own.

Nowadays the business coaching has become an important component for personal development. Therefore, each individual needs a business coach to have a consistent personal success.



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